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The reason we wanted to create this concept was that we were confronted with the challenges of our parents’ age. We did not know how to dress our family members without hurting them or turning them into parrots. mismatched clothes.

The usual hospital garment is the depersonalization of the individual.
Each of our models has been created for real people, to give them autonomy and dignity.
You, if you are placed in a completely depersonalized medical facility … soon your family is no longer attracted to you. While recreating a more dignified image we recreate the emotional bond to the person

And then it was the same problem in all retirement homes, both for us and for the staff.
We had the desire to dress our loved ones without pain and maintaining their dignity.

In practice ?

As I had styling experiences in sportswear, we adapted existing dress designs by combining them with sportswear clothing concepts for our parents.
The members of the health care staff of the establishment found it great !! … and it motivated us to develop the idea so far and to refine the technical side of the clothes.

We (and our friends) are starting to experience some disabilities and we found it very comfortable to develop this concept for our own comfort, whether at home or in our daily activities, both for dressing. undress only to compensate for the small inconveniences of life.

By the way, most of our clothing models bear the names of those for whom we designed them! Mainly to respond to their pathologies, etc.
As I am also lucky to have friends in the medical profession (emergency doctors, rheumatologists, nurses), I also built the clothes according to the problems they encounter and their needs.

For my first models I am part of sportswear pieces. I combined with sleek and sleek Asian lines to achieve comfort and ease of dressing tailored to the needs of each.

Today I find it great to see my friends and my alumni wear the models made for them! It gives me the impression of having brought them freedom.